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Evaluation of Discharge Performance

Why do we need to evaluate a discharge performance ? When a vessel is fixed for trade, the Owner & Master have a commercial responsibility is to :  load, carry and discharge the cargoes  without incident,  üin the most cost-efficient manner  without compromising safety or

oil discharge monitoring system

ODME (Oil Discharge Monitoring System)

Principle of operation The measurement technique used in the Oil Discharge Monitoring & Control System is based on scattered light. The sample of discharge water passes through a detector cell while light enters and leaves the measurement area of the cell. The sample flow is at right

vessel crew

Shipboard Organisation

Let us start by looking at the Shipboard Organisation. As we can see that the development in the shipping industry has been slow and there has been a very strong influence of tradition. In the days of the sailing ships it was the Master and


Anchoring Procedure

Anchoring a Important Aspect of Shipboard Operation!!! After a long sea voyage a ship arrives in a port or near a port area and may have to anchor the ship. This may be because of customs, immigration and cargo formalities or due to non-availability of

deck cadet

Cadet Role On Board

Cadet Forms The Foundation!!! When you opted for this profession, you had certain ideas about what you would be doing and how you would be achieving the same. None of this would be possible if you don’t understand your own role on the ship. The

Enclosed Space Entry

Why Enclosed Spaces are Dangerous!! Precautions to be taken in entering enclosed spaces shall be repeated continuously . The repetition is necessary because these accidents account for a number of deaths among seafarers every year.  The atmosphere of any enclosed or confined space may put


HOT and COLD Work

What is HOT WORK?? Any work where temperature will be high enough to cause burning is hot work, typically: welding, cutting, burning, heating, use of some power tools generating heat, open flame, electric arc or continuous sparks. Hot work must not be carried without hot

master responsibility

Master’s Responsibility

What does Responsibility Means With responsibility goes authority and with them both goes accountability. This accountability is not for the intentions, but for the deed. The captain of a ship, like the captain of a state, is given honour and privileges and trust beyond other

contingency planning

Contingency Planning

What is Contingency Planning Contingency Planning means preparing a documented plan for emergencies and to ensure all on board are trained and exercised toward its execution. Every seafarer is required to be prepared for emergencies. Such preparedness can only be built in through well laid


Mooring a Ship

When in port the ship either anchors or moors to facilitate loading and discharging operations.  Each of these operations requires skills and detailed knowledge of the capability of the ship and local conditions. A pilot may provide some of these but there are some ports