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Monthly Archives: June 2023

Ballast Water Record Book

Requirement Following the entry into force of the BWM Convention on 8 September 2017, all ocean-going vessels are required to record each ballast operations in a BWRB. Appendix II of the BWM Convention (Form of ballast Water Record Book) specifies the type of ballast operations


Opposite each ballast tank there is a spur pipe off the 200mm IG line to the cargo tanks, which is fitted with a blank flange, this is to facilitate the emergency inerting of the ballast tanks. One flexible hose, 150mm in diameter and 30m long


There are four sixteen person liferafts stowed close by each lifeboat on the main deck and one 6 man liferaft located just aft of the bosun’s store entrance on the forward main deck. The 16 man liferafts which each weigh 135kgs when empty and the

Emergency Fire Pump

The emergency fire pump is located in the emergency fire pump space inside the steering gear flat. The pump is used to supply the fire main when the fire and GS pumps in the engine room are unable to do so and to supply the


The general service air system is supplied by one electric motor driven air compressor operating at a pressure of 6.9MPa. The compressor discharges to a 3.0m3 air receiver and is controlled by the pressure in the receiver with the machine loading and unloading as required.


The starting air system is supplied by two main starting air compressors that supply two 5.0m3 starting air receivers. The compressors are of the two stage reciprocating type and are cooled by fresh water from the fresh water cooling system. A three-way temperature controlled valve


The steering gear consists of two rams and four cylinders that are driven by two electrically driven pumps. The pumps are of the variable displacement axial piston type of swashplate design for closed circuit transmissions and are contained in separate oil tanks. The steering gear


Fresh water for domestic use is stored in the fresh water tank located in the steering gear room. Drinking water is supplied by a separate system and the drinking water is stored in the drinking water tank also located in the steering gear room. Fresh


The stripping pump is a steam driven, double stroke, reciprocating type pump, controlled  from the cargo console in the CCR. The stripping pump can be used to drain the cargo lines and the pump room bilges to the port or starboard slop tank, to shore