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Tidal Calculations

Many of us are quite scared of solving the tide problems especially calculations involving Secondary Ports Lets first handle calculation of tide at Standard Ports 1.Find height of tide at Bombay at 1200 hrs on 15th Aug 1999 Bombay 15th August 1999 TIDE TIME HEIGHT

Celestial Fix Best Practices – 2

Star finder ? How to use it? Star finder is used to choose suitable stars for celestial observations and for identifying stars.  Criteria for choosing  the stars should be as follows For identifying stars just get the azimuth of star and calculate LHA aries and


The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) is an international system relating to all vessels over 300 gross tonnes and all passenger vessels engaged on international voyages, irrespective of tonnage. It provides comprehensive communications for distress, urgency and safety operations in the terrestrial and


Compliance of ECDIS system ECDIS SOFTWARE VERSIONS ECDIS that is not updated to the latest version of the IHO Standards may not meet the chart carriage requirements as set out in SOLAS regulation V/ Below is the list of latest ECDIS software versions available for

Working of Hygrometer & Stevenson’s Screen

Description: A hygrometer is a an easy to use tool for measuring the amount of humidity in the atmosphere and dew point temperature of a parcel of air. The most common type of hygrometer found on board ships is a dry and wet bulb type

Bridge Watchkeeping

Watchkeeping during ocean passages Watchkeeping during ocean passages will require all the activities related to performing a navigational watch as discussed previously. In addition, priority is given to the following Lookout During ocean passages, the principle threat to a vessel is the risk of collision.

ECDIS (Backbone of Bridge)

ELECTRONIC CHARTS There are two types of Electronic Charts available:a) Raster Navigational Charts (RNC).b) Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC). RASTER NAVIGATIONAL CHARTS (RNC) A RNC is a raster chart that conforms to International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) specifications and is produced by digitally scanning a paper chart

Managing Navigational Risks

After studying this blog, you should be able to: State the different categories of navigation in the voyage cycle. Pick out the document that can identify, assess, control and monitor risk in each category of navigation. List out the risks associated with navigation in pilotage

Aneroid Barometer

 An Aneroid barometer is an instrument used for measuring atmospheric pressure. It uses a small flexible material box called a vaccum chamber (capsule), which is made from an alloy of beryllium and copper. The vacuumed capsules are prevented from collapsing by a strong spring. Small