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Monthly Archives: February 2023

Working of Hygrometer & Stevenson’s Screen

Description: A hygrometer is a an easy to use tool for measuring the amount of humidity in the atmosphere and dew point temperature of a parcel of air. The most common type of hygrometer found on board ships is a dry and wet bulb type


Combined pressure/vacuum valves are fitted to each cargo tank. These valves are designed to relieve positive or negative pressure in the tanks. Combined PV valves are fitted to each cargo oil and slop tank based on the vapor emission control system in accordance with USCG


Description The exhaust gas boiler, which is located in the engine room at the upper deck level, is used to generate steam from the waste heat in the main engine exhaust gas. It can be operated separately or in connection with the oil fired auxiliary

Cargo Pump Procedures (Centrifugal)

The main cargo pump system consists of three vertical centrifugal single stage double suction type cargo pumps. They are situated at the bottom of the pump room and are driven by a single stage Curtis steam turbine and intermediate shaft passing into the pump room

Vessel Boiler and Steam System

The steam generating plant consists of two oil fired auxiliary boilers and one exhaust gas economizer. In port the steam demand of the plant is served by the oil fired boilers. At sea, the steam demand is met by supplying boiler water to the exhaust

Preparations for Starting Main Engine

Before starting the engine, the following checks and procedures are to be undertaken. All components that have been overhauled to be checked and wherever possible function tested. All equipment, tools and rags used during overhaul to be removed from the engine. Air Systems a) Drain


The Gauging system Most of the terminals these days demand that a closed gauging / sampling system be followed on all tankers at their terminals. This means that the tanker must be able to gauge or sample the cargo in her tanks manually or automatically

Lifting Machinery and Cargo Gear

Construction and Maintenance In any dock, all parts, whether fixed or moveable or every lifting machinery and every chain, ring, hook, shackle, swivel or pulley block used in hoisting or lowering shall be: Of good construction, sound material, adequate strength and free from defects; Properly