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Various Vessel Types

Oil tanker – A ship constructed or adapted primarily to carry oil in bulk in its cargo spaces. This includes combination carrier and any chemical tanker when they carry a cargo or part cargo of oil in bulk. Beam and draft restriction have led to



Modern ships vary considerably in details of their construction, according to their size and type, but almost all conform to basic systems of construction. They are all designed to cater to the intended use including:  ■ Type of cargoes and / or passengers to be carried 

compositely framed ship

Strengthening the Ship

Let us now look at the methods by which the designers ensure the strength in spite of these stresses.  Before we go further we would like you to see the following.  ► A bulwark with its stay  ► A booby hatch or a tank opening (hint:

Tanker Various Parts

Principal Particulars Length Of Vessel LOA – ( Length OverAll ) – This is the maximum length of the ship between. Forward Perpendicular (FP ): This is a vertical line passing through the point where the summer water line touches the stem of the ship. Aft perpendicular


Construction Of Various Types of Ships.

Aim To understand the construction of various types of ships. In this module we will study the salient features of construction in different types of ships.  Oil Tanker Twin longitudinal bulkheads divide the tank section into port, starboard and centre tanks. In most old tankers