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Monthly Archives: July 2024

Pumps and pumping systems in Engine Room

Piping system The bilge system is used to remove small quantities of fluid that have leaked or condensed into a dry space. The system serves the machinery spaces, cargo holds, cofferdams, voids, stores, tunnels and pump rooms. Each space has its own piping but the

Cargo Record Book

Records of the operations done with noxious liquids are to be maintained to provide evidence of the processes that were followed to ensure that no pollution was caused. MARPOL 73 / 78, annex II deals with noxious liquids carried in bulk. The student is advised

Container Vessel Trade

Cargoes whether carried in containers are all still the responsibility of the ship and hence it also needs documentation and legal formalities to follow. Though containerisation brought with its own terminology and law the general aspects covering carriage continue as seen from description of terms

Note of Protest and Letter of Protest

What is ‘Note of protest’? In what circumstances, will you note a protest? What all documents will be required? Note of Protest or a NOP is a solemn declaration under oath by a Ship Master of circumstances beyond his control which have or may have