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Monthly Archives: June 2024

Feeder Operations

The advent of containerisation has led to a great many changes in the role of the carrier of goods by sea. In the past, the ship owner or operator was traditionally involved only in the transportation of goods between two ports. Thus with containerisation the

Tidal Calculations

Many of us are quite scared of solving the tide problems especially calculations involving Secondary Ports Lets first handle calculation of tide at Standard Ports 1.Find height of tide at Bombay at 1200 hrs on 15th Aug 1999 Bombay 15th August 1999 TIDE TIME HEIGHT

Celestial Fix Best Practices – 2

Star finder ? How to use it? Star finder is used to choose suitable stars for celestial observations and for identifying stars.  Criteria for choosing  the stars should be as follows For identifying stars just get the azimuth of star and calculate LHA aries and

Solid Bulk Cargoes

Types of Bulk Cargoes Bulk cargoes include Coals, Concentrates, Grains, Fertilizers, Animal foodstuffs, Minerals and Ores. These cargoes constitute a high proportion of seaborne trade. IMSBC code The International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes Code (2009) is the revision of Solid Bulk Cargoes code (1965). The

Carriage of Timber Cargo

•Timber – means sawn wood or lumber, cants, logs, poles, pulpwood and all other types of timber in loose packaged forms but not including wood pulp or similar cargo. •Cant – means a log that is cut in slabs, so that two opposite or sometimes