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Hot work is any work that involves sources of ignition or temperatures high enough to ignite a flammable gas or liquid or material. This includes but is not limited to: Use of following temporary/ portable equipment in a hazardous area should be classified as hot


REGULATIONS FOR THE CONTROL OF POLLUTION BY NOXIOUS LIQUID SUBSTANCES Chemical tanker : Means a ship constructed  or adapted primarily to carry a cargo of  liquid product in bulk listed in Chapter 17 of the IBC code . NLS Tanker:  Means a ship constructed or


REGULATIONS FOR THE PREVENTION OF POLLUTION BY GARBAGE FROM SHIPS. For the purposes of this Annex: General prohibition on discharge of garbage into the sea Discharge of garbage outside special areas Discharge of garbage within special areas: Exceptions: Regulations  of this Annex shall not apply


REGULATIONS FOR THE PREVENTION OF POLLUTION BY SEWAGE FROM SHIPS. Sewage Means : a)       Drainage and other wastes from any form of toilets, urinals            b)       Drainage from medical premises (dispensary, sick bay, etc.) via wash basins, wash tubs and scuppers located in such premises.


REGULATIONS FOR THE PREVENTION OF POLLUTION BY OIL 1.0       DEFINITIONS : 1     OIL :  means petroleum in any form including crude oil, fuel oil, sludge, oil refuse and refined products.( A list of such oils is given in Marpol annex 1) Note: Animal and Vegetable


Compliance of ECDIS system ECDIS SOFTWARE VERSIONS ECDIS that is not updated to the latest version of the IHO Standards may not meet the chart carriage requirements as set out in SOLAS regulation V/ Below is the list of latest ECDIS software versions available for

Maintenance of Radio and Navigational Equipment

Below are the requirements and recommendations for maintenance and inspection of safety equipment in a compact and practical tool for ship owners, operators and Surveyors. New maintenance requirements for such equipment are published irregularly and in various IMO documents and chapters which makes it cumbersome

Maintenance of Fixed Fire Fighting Systems

Aerosol fire-extinguishing systems Requirement Regulation Ship Type Interval By Remark Verify that all electrical connections and/or manual operating stations are properly arranged, and are in proper condition. MSC.1/Circ.1432, para. 5.7 All Monthly Crew   Verify that the actuation system/control panel circuits are within manufacturer’s specifications.

Maintenance of Life Saving Appliances

Means of Embarkation on and Disembarkation from ships (Gangways, accommodation ladders incl. winch and fittings as well as use for pilot transfer) Requirement Regulation Ship Type Interval By Remark Maintenance and inspection SOLAS II-1/3-9.3SOLAS III/20.4SOLAS III/20.7.2MSC.1/Circ.1331, Annex, para. 4 All Monthly Crew In accordance with