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Daily Archives: May 13, 2023


These plans are required to meet the requirements of  IMO conventions  such as MARPOL, SOLAS,  and other local variant acts and regulations  such as  OPA-90. These plans include Vessel Response plans(VRP),(applicable in USA) SOPEP, SMPEP etc. These plans provide details of emergency procedures and options

Ship Shore Interface (Cargo operations-Tankers)

SUPERVISION AND CONTROL Within the tanker trade, the ship/shore interface plays a vital part in operations. It is an area where differing standards and safety cultures may coexist. There is no major difference between the general operation of a tanker and the operation of any

The Flammability Diagram

a)       Petroleum is highly flammable (fuel) b)       Sources of ignition may be present at various locations. (Ignition) c)       Oxygen provides the medium necessary to sustain any fire The foregoing three form the essential sides of the fire triangle. When the three sides of a