Emergency Fire Pump

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The emergency fire pump is located in the emergency fire pump space inside the steering gear flat.

The pump is used to supply the fire main when the fire and GS pumps in the engine room are unable to do so and to supply the driving water for the foam system. It is an electrically driven, self priming, vertical centrifugal pump that has its power supply fed from the emergency switchboard 440V located in the emergency generator room.

Starting and stopping the pump can take place from three locations:

•    Locally at the pump starter unit in the steering gear flat

•    Remotely from the hot foam system panel in the fire control room

•    Remotely from the wheelhouse group panel

The pump draws water from its own sea chest located by the stern frame and positioned so that it is below the waterline even when the vessel is in a lightship condition. The suction valve is opened remotely/ manually and the discharge valve to the fire main is always kept open, so the pump can be started and supply water to the fire main immediately.

The pump’s suction and discharge valves should be operated and lubricated weekly to ensure they are fully operational and ready for use.

The pump suction line and sea chest can be proved clear by opening the  steam blowing  valves that  are fed from  the engine  room 0.88MPa steam service system.

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