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A single bilge eductor, driven by sea water from the fire/wash deck line, is provided for the drainage of the bosun’s store and chain locker bilges. Each suction point is equipped with a non-return suction valve.

Procedure for Discharging Bilge Water from the Chain Locker and Bosun’s Store

The chain lockers and the bosun’s store have bilge wells which are discharged using a bilge eductor. The eductor has a capacity of 5m3/hr and is driven by sea water from the deck fire hydrant system supplied by any of the fire pumps. The bilge water is discharged directly overboard.

a) Start any fire pump to pressurize the fire main system, after setting the valve system. Either the fire and bilge pump, the fire and GS pump or the emergency fire pump can be by manually started or a request made to the bridge for the fire and bilge pump to be started. The fire and bilge pump is normally kept ready with valves open so that any of the pumps can immediately pressurize the fire main.

b) Open the eductor overboard discharge valve which discharges into the port hawse pipe.

c) Open the eductor and system valves as in the following table.

Position Description Valve

  1. Open Eductor sea water supply valve
  2. Open Eductor overboard discharge valve
  3. Open below valves from where you want to take water out and always do one by one as empty well cause loose in suction pressure of eductor and air will sucked in:-
    • Port chain locker suction valve
    • Starboard chain locker suction valve
    • Bosun’s store port bilge well
    • Bosun’s store centre bilge well
    • Bosun’s store starboard bilge well

d) When the sea water supply valve to the eductor is opened the eductor will create a partial vacuum in the eductor suction pipe and that will remove water from the bilge well.

e) Close the bilge well suction valve when the well is empty.

f) Shut the water supply valve to the eductor when all bilges connected to the eductor are empty and then close the system valves.

g) Close the eductor overboard discharge valve.

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