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Bill Of Lading

Bill of Lading : Functions of Bill of Lading  : 1. Document of title – whoever holds the B/L is the Owner of goods, 2. Receipt for the cargo, signed by the master or by the owner’s port agents on behalf of carrier, with remarks as to the condition

Tanker Cargo Calculations

What is Gauging ? Measurement of Ullage or Sounding  Measurement of Temperature Measurement of Interface Ullage and Sounding Usually ullages are used for calculation.  In rare cases soundings may be used  What is interface? The water in the cargo settles after loading and is called

Bridge Equipments

Sextant A sextant is an instrument used to measure the angle between any two visible objects. Its primary use is to determine the angle between a celestial object and the horizon which is known as the object’s altitude. Using this measurement is known as taking

Officer on watch Duties

Duties of an Officer on Watch (OOW) on the bridge The primary duties of an Officer on Watch are:  (i) Watchkeeping, (ii) Navigation and (iii) GMDSS radio watchkeeping. Officer on Watch is a representative of the master and is primarily responsible at all times for

Port State Control & Flag State Control

Port State Control Port State control, or PSC, is the exercise of the right of a port State, when granting permission to a foreign flagged ship to enter a port of the port State, to inspect the vessel to ensure that it meets international safety,

The Supplementary Fund Protocol

1. The Supplementary Fund Protocol, which was adopted in 2003,   entered into force in 2005, thereby establishing the International Oil Pollution Compensation Supplementary Fund, 2003 (Supplementary Fund).  2. The Supplementary Fund provides additional compensation beyond the amount available under the 1992 Fund Convention in 1992 Fund Member

Tropical Revolving Storm

Definitions A Tropical Cyclone is also called as a Tropical Revolving Storm (TRS). It is defined as a roughly circular atmospheric vortex, originating in the tropics or sub tropics, wherein the winds which blow in converging spiral tracks reach or exceed gale force i.e. Beaufort

Port State Inspection

Purpose Port State Control (PSC) is the inspection of foreign ships in national ports to verify that the condition of the ship and its equipment comply with the requirements of international rules and that the ship is manned and operated in compliance with these rules .

Dry Docking

Preparations Before entry: • Check the stability of the vessel, especially during critical period. • Check the vessel at required draft. • No list. • Prepare mooring lines. • Unused mooring lines stowed. • Standby for dock master and dock mooring gang. • Proper flags


APPLICATION a) The Code applies to cargo ships, timber carriers, grain carriers, container ships, cargo ships carrying containers on deck, passenger ships, fishing vessels, special purpose ships, offshore supply vessels, mobile offshore drilling units, pontoons and dynamically supported craft. b) Special purpose ship means a