Clearing a foul hawse

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• Gears necessary should be made ready at slack water.

• Gears will include 20‐25mm slack wires, a smaller wire about 10mm or fiber rope, a boatswain’s chair, equipments for breaking joining shackles.

• Operation to be started as soon as ship swung to new stream.


• Turns are hove above the water line.

• Cable below turn lashed together.

• Sleeping cable is unshackled on the deck.

• A preventer may be used to prevent sudden loss of the parted cable and stress.

• A wire messenger then passed down through the hawse pipe, dipped around the riding cable, and returned to the forecastle deck.

• One inboard end of the wire is secured to the joining shackles, other end to the wrapping drum.

• Easing wire may surge on the bitts. It can be led to a wrapping barrel or may be veered under power.

• The messenger is hove and the easing wire is eased.

• When one turn is cleared, the weight taken off the stoppers.

• The wire is then cast off. The procedures are repeated until the cable is cleared.

• Later, the joining shackle is joined, preventer cast off and fiber lashing burned through.

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