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Daily Archives: September 13, 2023


Below loading is explained basis my present vessel. See the diagram for better understanding. The cargo oil tanks are divided into three segregations or groups which can be used either individually or combined to permit the loading of the nominated quantities. Group 1 consists of

Crude Oil Wash

System explained basis my present vessel Cargo oil tanks are crude oil washed to comply with both legislation (contingency  ballast  requirements) and  charterer’s  requirements  in  order to achieve  maximum  out-turn.  This would  usually  be No.4 COT port and starboard (nominated heavy weather ballast tanks) and

Crude Oil Washing System

System explained basis my present vessel. The deck mounted tank cleaning machines are turbine driven, fully programmable, single nozzle units. The nozzle performs a helical pattern by rotating in a horizontal plane, combined with a very slow vertical movement. The machine can rotate 360° in