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Clearing a foul hawse

Preparation: • Gears necessary should be made ready at slack water. • Gears will include 20‐25mm slack wires, a smaller wire about 10mm or fiber rope, a boatswain’s chair, equipments for breaking joining shackles. • Operation to be started as soon as ship swung to

Take Over Command Of Vessel

Duties Of Master Prior Taking Over Command Of Vessel 1. Go to company office and meet technical superintendents, discuss about: • Ship particulars • Trading areas • Company’s and charterer’s instructions • Voyage instruction, type of charter • Special instruction for maintenance and survey 2.

Dry Docking

Preparations Before entry: • Check the stability of the vessel, especially during critical period. • Check the vessel at required draft. • No list. • Prepare mooring lines. • Unused mooring lines stowed. • Standby for dock master and dock mooring gang. • Proper flags