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Beaching Beaching is referred as intentional grounding. • Reason for beaching Beaching is normally done due the following: − To prevent imminent collision. − To prevent loss of vessel, when severely damaged and in danger of sinking. – The intention is to repair damage and


The Officer of the Watch should bear in mind that the engines are at his disposal. He should not hesitate to use them in case of need. However, timely notice of engine movements should be given when possible. He should also keep prominently in mind

Ice Navigation

General Ice is an obstacle to any ship, even an icebreaker, and the inexperienced Navigation Officer is advised to develop a healthy respect for the latent power and strength of ice in all its forms. However, it is quite possible, and continues to be proven

Weather System

AIR MASS When air remains over an area of the earth’s surface for several days, its physical properties are affected by those of the earth’s surface.  If the surface is WARM & WET, the overlying air will become WARM & HUMID.  Eg.  Air over the

When OOW Calls Master

When does the OOW call the Master Guidance on specific circumstances for calling the master is given in the shipboard operational procedures. Standing and bridge orders by the master support it. All  companies have a checklist giving circumstances and situations where the master should be

Winter Area – What Are Your Concerns?

Before proceeding to ice zone, MASTER will check the following items: 1. Article of agreement and the geographical limit, expiry of article of agreement. 2. Class certificate, if ship has ice notation. 3. Check the charter party contract 4. Insurance coverage – premium may be

Master-Pilot Relationship

Why is pilot Required a) Expertise in local navigation b) Sound knowledge of tide / currents c) Local traffic movement d) Dealing with shore authorities e) Handling of tugs The particular elements of the operational relationship between pilots and bridge officers includes: a) The sharing

Masters Responsibility And Authority Under STCW Code

MASTERS RESPONSIBILITY AND AUTHORITY under STCW CODE 1. Ensure trainings are conducted as per the requirements. 2. Arrangement of watches. 3. Monitoring rest hours. 4. Ensure crew have their valid documents 5. Ensure safe Navigation. 6. Ensure maintenance of shipboard equipments 7. Ensure safe loading