When do you show PSCO your security plan? Which part you can show

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Only when PSCO has clear grounds that vessel is not complying with the regulations

When the attending inspector have clear ground to believe that the vessel is not complying as per SOLAS XI –2 and or ISPS Code then only he can but have limited access to specific section of the plan relating to the non compliance is exceptionally allowed but only with the consent of the contracting Government or the Master

Except the following area as per ISPS CODE A.

• Identification of restricted area & measures to prevent unauthorized access.

• Procedure for responding to security threat.

• Procedure for responding to any security instructions.

• Duties of ship board personnel.

• Procedures to ensure inspection test calibration of security equipments.

• Identification of location of Security alert activation point.

• Procedure, Instructions and Guidance of SSAS.

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