What things you will check before refloating in dry dock?

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Things to Check before Refloating:-


1. Ship’s stability condition to be kept as close as to that when she is entering in the dry dock.

2. Enough GM and positive stability during critical period.

3. No changes of weight to be made without the consent of the dock‐master.

4. Movable weights to be secured.

5. Minimum free surface effect and no list.

6. All plugs to be secured.

7. Anchors stowed and secured.

8. All overboard discharges secured.

9. Anodes fitted.

10. All pipings, cable connections with shore disconnected.

11. Start gyro, check heading.

While refloating:

1. Inform E/R when flooding dock.

2. Check for water tightness.

3. Sound all tanks.

4. Following times to be logged down:

• Flooding commenced

• Vessel floated

• Dock gate opened

• Vessel left dock.

After refloating:

1. Check operation of all equipments.

2. General cleaning and washing

3. Normal sailing checklist.

4. Check water tight integrity of the vessel.

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