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Beaching is referred as intentional grounding.

• Reason for beaching

Beaching is normally done due the following:

− To prevent imminent collision.

− To prevent loss of vessel, when severely damaged and in danger of sinking.

– The intention is to repair damage and refloat at a later time.

• Ideal condition for beaching

− Daylight

− Gentle slopping beach

− Sandy or rock free beach

− Little or no current

− Sheltered waters

− Free from surf

− Less traffic

• Actions before beaching

− Take full ballast, it will help in refloating.

− Clear both anchors.

− Lay anchors and cables clear of position that the vessel is expected to come at rest, so minimizing the bottom damage.

• Bow Approach


− Clear observation of approach.

− Propeller and rudder are in deeper water.

− Strong bow would cushion any pounding effect.


− Vessel is more likely to slew.

− Use of anti‐slew wires in conjunction with the anchors is necessary.

− Difficult to lay ground tackle.

• On taking the ground

− Drive the vessel further on and reduce the possibility of pounding.

− Take additional ballast and secure the hull against movement from weather and sea/tide.

− Take precautions to prevent oil pollution.

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