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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Tanker Various Parts

Principal Particulars Length Of Vessel LOA – ( Length OverAll ) – This is the maximum length of the ship between. Forward Perpendicular (FP ): This is a vertical line passing through the point where the summer water line touches the stem of the ship. Aft perpendicular

Evaluation of Discharge Performance

Why do we need to evaluate a discharge performance ? When a vessel is fixed for trade, the Owner & Master have a commercial responsibility is to :  load, carry and discharge the cargoes  without incident,  üin the most cost-efficient manner  without compromising safety or

future and new IMO amendments

Future & New IMO Amendments

Adopted IMO and ILO requirements coming into force in the future This part includes requirements that have been adopted and have an entry into force date which has been established by the IMO or ILO but not yet reached. 1 January 2020 Amendments to SOLAS