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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Off Hire

Time charterparties invariably contain an off-hire clause providing for exceptions from the obligation for charterers to pay hire from the time of delivery until redelivery. The specific terms of the off-hire clause will determine whether or not any particular event entitles the charterers to place

Coal Cargo- Know the Hazards

Coal is a potentially hazardous cargo and serious incidents continue to arise. In some instances it would appear that those on board were not entirely familiar with the risks, and on other occasions the coal was not carried in accordance with regulatory requirements or best

Safe ports and berths

Generally a port can be rendered unsafe due to: Sandbanks and shallows Obstructions such as wrecks An inadequate system at the port (such as weather warnings, mooring facilities and tug availability) to enable a ship to leave the port when weather conditions make it unsafe

Notice Of Readiness

A Notice of Readiness (“NOR”) is a notification by the vessel that she is ready to start the charter service (upon delivery) or is ready to load or discharge cargo. Giving an NOR has two purposes: (i) to inform the charterers that the vessel is

ECDIS (Safe or Risk to Navigation)

Numerous groundings and near misses have occurred on ECDIS equipped ships that could have been avoided but for failures in the setup and use of ECDIS. Like most of the world’s merchant fleet trading internationally, your ship(s) is most likely equipped with an Electronic Chart

Navigation Safe Practices (II)

Safe practices in navigation are an important aspect of the overall safety of the ship. Perhaps more important than knowing the theory of navigation. Safe Practices are followed because of good planning and commitment by the ships leadership. In the case studies given below it

Navigation Safe Practices

Collisions and groundings are a result of unsafe practices. Let look at the why collisions occur and how they can be prevented by implementing safe practices. Collisions in Fog The majority of collision claims seem to occur in fog or reduced visibility. Statistical analyses of