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ECDIS (Safe or Risk to Navigation)

Numerous groundings and near misses have occurred on ECDIS equipped ships that could have been avoided but for failures in the setup and use of ECDIS. Like most of the world’s merchant fleet trading internationally, your ship(s) is most likely equipped with an Electronic Chart

furuno ecdis

Furuno 3000 Series ECDIS

All electronic chart licensing and data management operations are carried out through the “Charts” Option on the Top Toolbar and then from the various Tabs on the left hand side of the Home screen on the FURUNO ECDIS: To check the ECDIS Software Version: Select


CATZOC (Category of Zone of Confidence)

CATZOC on the ENC in simple terms refers to the Quality and Accuracy of survey data and the applicable error in chart datum that sometimes can greatly affect vessel’s UKC calculations.   Zone of Confidence (ZOC) has 6 Categories named A1, A2, B, C, D


All navigable waters are not yet covered by ENC data and vessel may be required to use ECDIS in Raster Chart Display System (RCDS) mode using ARCS / approved raster charts. If suitable ENC charts are not available from any source, then the use of

Safety Depth & Safety Contour In ECDIS

Use of the Safety Depth and the Safety Contour in ECDIS Safety Depth: Value set by the mariner that is used by ECDIS to portray soundings as black if they are equal to or shoaler than the value and gray if they are deeper. Safety Contour


General ECDIS allows for monitoring of a ship’s position in real-time throughout the voyage and integrates information from GPS, Gyro, Radar, ARPA, AIS and other navigational equipments into a single display. It has several advantages over paper charts as listed below; Continuous route monitoring Continuous

ECDIS Contour Setting depth

Safety Contour = Dynamic draft + Minimum Net UKC requirement – Height of tide Shallow Contour = One Contour less than Safety Contour 1. Why Height of Tide is being subtracted from the Safety Contour depth?   Why it is not added, as we do for

Actions in the event of ECDIS Failure.

Ecdis Failure It is mandatory for the ship’s officer to manually plot position of the vessel frequently to avoid over-reliance on the equipment and to have better situational awareness, should the system fail anytime during the passage. Under-mentioned are possible failures of ECDIS: 1. Power