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C.I.R.M. is the oldest existing organisation providing radio-medical assistance in the world, having been founded in 1935 by Professor Guida, who first understood the importance of health-care for seamen and of giving them the possibility and comfort of access to the professional advice of a doctor at all times. C.I.R.M. is headquartered in Rome, where specially trained physicians and radio operators are on continuous duty. In addition highly qualified specialists in all medical branches can be consulted. The duty-doctor, by means of consecutive calls,  maintains regular contact with the ship requiring radio-medical assistance until their arrival in a port with adequate medical facilities       or until the complete recovery or evacuation of the patient.


C.I.R.M. can be contacted at any time  the day or night by any of the following routes:

Telex (both satellite or radio telex): 612068 C.I.R.M.
Telephone: [+39] – 06.54223045
Mobile GSM Telephone: [+39] – 348 – 3984229
Fax: [+39 ] – 06.5923333
E-mail: [email protected]
Italian Radio Coastal Stations (asking for C.I.R.M.)

Further details

The International Radio Medical Centre (C.I.R.M.) provides round-the clock free radio-medical assistance to patients inboard ships flying any flag all over the world.

C.I.R.M. can also decide and coordinate, wherever possible, the evacuation of a patient from a ship by naval craft or helicopter, cooperating mainly with National Marine Rescue Coordination Centre (M.R.C.C.) and if necessary with other rescue organisations eg. the U.S. Coast Guard.

Remember all medical assistance provided by C.I.R.M.  is completely free of charge

Italian Radio Coastal Stations asking for C.I.R.M.

Requests via telex should be labelled MEDRAD or DH MEDICO to obtain priority of transmission. 

We suggest calling C.I.R.M. promptly in all cases of ill or injured persons, possibly before administering any medicines.
C.I.R.M. can also be contacted for advice on various other important matters like malarial prophylaxis, infectious and sexually transmitted diseases, vaccination requirement etc., etc.


Regarding the ship:

a) name, international call sign.
b) Position, port of departure, destination, expected time of arrival.
c) Medicine chest available on board. 

Regarding the patient:

a) Date of birth, nationality, rank
b) temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rates.
c) Onset the symptoms, accurate description of symptoms, location of pain, associated symptoms.
d) Other medical problems of the patient, with special reference to drug or other allergies, chronic illness and their eventual treatment.
e) In case of accident, where and how it took place.
f) Therapy already administered to the patient.


Keep the medicine chest always efficient and checked regularly before departure from every port, replacing immediately exhausted or expired stocks.

If possible do not administer any medicines before consulting C.I.R.M.

Call C.I.R.M. as soon as possible : a trivial symptom may be the onset of a more serious problem; a free medical consultation is always warranted.

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