Take Over Command Of Vessel

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Duties Of Master Prior Taking Over Command Of Vessel

1. Go to company office and meet technical superintendents, discuss about:

• Ship particulars

• Trading areas

• Company’s and charterer’s instructions

• Voyage instruction, type of charter

• Special instruction for maintenance and survey

2. On the way to master’s accommodation, form an initial impression of the ship’s general condition and maintenance by observing exterior conditions such as: draft marks, load line marks, condition of hull,deck, superstructure, rigging of accommodation ladder, safety net, LSA & FFA arrangements.

3. Meet outgoing master and hand over letter of appointment 

4. Go through the hand over note, ship’s condition report, manning level, company and charterer’s instructions.

5. Sight all the statutory certificates as per flag state circular, any survey due, maintenance/preparation for each survey.

6. Go through the filing system and all types of log books.

7. AOA & last port clearance

8. Crew welfare and watch arrangements, any crew change/ repatriation in this port/ next port.

9. Watch arrangement.

10. Take over all stores, ROB of FO/DO/GO/FW, provisions, medical stores as per scale, narcotics under master’s control.

11. Cash balance onboard, ship’s account, satellite radio accounts.

12. Ask master about port rotation, trading areas, general condition of ports, present cargo work, ship’s stability, estimated time of completion, cargo plan, departure draft, trim, GM etc.

13. Detail of cargo gears, anchors, deck machineries, hatches and their conditions, maintenance condition and schedule.

14. Crew familiarization process, basic trainings, onboard training programs, drills etc.

15. Go to bridge with master, familiar with bridge and navigation equipments, their operational conditions and deficiencies, maneuvering characteristics of the vessel in various conditions, passage plans, charts and publications, GMDSS equipment familiarization and their operations.

16. Latest weather report received, weather expected in voyage.

17. Enter new master’s name in OLB. Also the changeover of command including the list of documents onboard in OLB, signed by both masters.

18. Enter new master’s particulars, sign off/on in AOA. 

21. Ensure approved copy of stability booklet is available.

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