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ecdis alarms


Below is the list of mandatory alarms / indication as per MSC Resolution 232(82). Alarm: An alarm or alarm system which announces by audible means, or audible and visual means, a condition requiring attention. Indicator: Visual indication giving information about the condition of a system

ECDIS – Compilation Scale and Scale Minimum

During passage planning the 2nd officer plans a passage apparently clear of visible dangers to navigation. ( IGNORE SHALLOW CONTOUR SETTINGS ) Consequence : The deep draft aframax tanker drawing aft draft of 15.0 m goes aground in safer waters well clear of the visible


General ECDIS allows for monitoring of a ship’s position in real-time throughout the voyage and integrates information from GPS, Gyro, Radar, ARPA, AIS and other navigational equipments into a single display. It has several advantages over paper charts as listed below; Continuous route monitoring Continuous