Master Night Orders

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Night Orders

1. Required to be written by master before he is going to take a rest at night.

2. A set of instructions to OOW in written format.

3. Depends on the events expected at the night.

4. Generally includes following points:

• To comply with standing orders.

• Follow the laid courses.

• Check and plot positions at required intervals.

• Keep proper look out and comply with ROR.

• Calling master at required position, if applicable.

• Anti piracy watch if required.

• Preparations before proceeding to pilot stations.

• Inform ETA.

• Slow down one hour (or as required for engine) before end of passage position.

• Call master at the marked position.

• Rigging pilot ladders in time.

• Stand by crews in time.

• Check the vessel’s position frequently if at anchor.

• Calling master if in any doubt.

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