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Officer on watch Duties

Duties of an Officer on Watch (OOW) on the bridge The primary duties of an Officer on Watch are:  (i) Watchkeeping, (ii) Navigation and (iii) GMDSS radio watchkeeping. Officer on Watch is a representative of the master and is primarily responsible at all times for

Master Night Orders

Night Orders 1. Required to be written by master before he is going to take a rest at night. 2. A set of instructions to OOW in written format. 3. Depends on the events expected at the night. 4. Generally includes following points: • To

Signing Bill Of Lading

One of the most important functions of a bill of lading is that it provides information as to the description of the goods, the condition of the goods, the quantity of the goods, the loading port and date of shipment, the discharge port, the name