Emergency wreck marking buoy

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Emergency wreck marking buoy

• IALA has introduced on trial basis.

• For temporary response.

• Typically to be used for first 24‐72 hrs.

• Deployment to be promulgated through usual maritime safety information system.

• Designed to provide a prominent aid to navigation.

• To be placed as close of wreck as possible.

It will maintain a position until:

• The wreck is well known and has been promulgated in nautical publications eg notices to mariners.

• The wreck is fully surveyed and exact details such as position and least depth above the wreck is known.

• A permanent form of marking of the wreck has been carried out.


Shape: Pillar or spar buoy, size dependent on location.

Color: Equal number and dimensions of blue and yellow vertical stripes.


• Altering blue and yellow flashing light.

• Nominal range: 4 nm, may be altered depending on local condition.

• Blue and yellow 1s flashes altered at interval of 0.5s.

• If multiple buoys deployed, their lights will be synchronized.


May be fitted with Racon‐D and/or AIS transponder.


If fitted, straight yellow cross.

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