Multiple Load lines

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Multiple Load-lines :

Purpose : They are used when, for a period of time the vessel has to operate temporarily with a greater freeboard in accordance with the International Load-Line regulations.

– A number of ports have special requirements for maximum draft and deadweight for ship’s calling at them.

1. At the owner’s request, the recognized organization may proceed to issue the additional load-line certificate.

2. The load-line marks corresponding to the assigned freeboard shall be welded on the ship side and verified by the attending Surveyor.

3. The load-line marks corresponding to the additional certificate shall be cut or engraved on the ship side.

4. Only (1) set of load-line marks and the corresponding certificate shall be in use at any one time.

5. The Statutory Certificate shall reflect the maximum deadweight corresponding to the vessel’s assigned freeboard.

6. On owner’s request, the change of freeboard by a Surveyor from the recognized organization must supervise that the associated marks are painted and the old marks are removed.

7. The certificate pertaining to the unused mark shall be placed in a sealed envelope by the Surveyor and left in the custody of the Master.

8. In circumstances, where the Surveyor is not available, the change of load-line mark and certification may be carried out by the master, provided that arrangements for verification is arranged at the next port and has been agreed with the recognized organization.

9. Master shall make an entry in the official log-book and deck log-book on every occasion, that the load-line are changed.

10. Procedure for change in load-line shall be included in the vessel’s safety management system.

11. When sailing at a reduced dead-weight, there shall be no reduction in the safety standards.

12. During the statutory survey, regardless of the dead-weight at that time, the vessel’s shall be surveyed for compliance with the statutory requirements applicable to the maximum dead-weight.

13. Upon satisfactory completion of survey, the attending Surveyor shall endorse all the load-line certificate’s. e.g – On Oil tankers, Gas Carrier’s, Chemical carrier’s.

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