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Monthly Archives: April 2021

azimuth circle

Azimuth Mirror

A compass is equipment which is used to find direction while at sea. A compass tells the direction in which the ship is going or the direction of any other object. An azimuth mirror is used in conjunction with a compass. This device enables the

doppler log

Doppler Log

The speed log is a device used to measure the speed and also the number of nautical miles the vessel has travelled through the water in a given time. Type of speed measurements This is the speed of the vessel with respect to the solid

passage planning

Passage Planning For Pilotage Waters

90% of all the shipping casualties occur in coastal and port areas. The coastal passages leading to ports are generally the most dangerous portions of vessel voyages and vast majorities of marine casualties occur during this passage. It is therefore imperative that the bridge team

ecdis route check

ECDIS Route Check

The created route must be checked for potential dangers in case any have been overlooked during route creation. The system will conduct a check for charted dangers, unsafe depths and potential hazards only within the confines of the specified XTL. The check should consider all


Radar Best Practice -ARPA

When using the ARPA the following points to be considered: For collision avoidance purposes an ARPA should be sea stabilized with a log input delivering the vessel’s speed through the water. The resulting true vectors will provide a more accurate indication of the aspects of

steering gear

Steering Gear Testing

Within 12 hours before departure, the ships steering gear is checked and tested by the ship’s crew. The test procedures include the operation of the following: The Main steering Gear The auxiliary steering gear The remote steering gear control systems The steering positions located on