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Manoeuvring in Shallow Waters

How shallow water affects Manoeuvring? In shallow waters, manoeuvring has very many facets and it is necessary that we understand the same clearly. Such knowledge helps us to understand the effects of interactions including squat and the sluggish way the ship handles in such waters.



Vessel running in shallow water, depth less than twice the draft, an additional obstruction exists which can seriously compound the problem. The ship is running on even keel with a small under keel clearance and, therefore, water which would normally pass under the ship is

Manoeuvring Booklet

Contents 1 General description Ship’s particulars Characteristics of Main Engine(s) 2 Manoeuvring characteristics in deep water Course change performance Turning circles in deep water Accelerating turn Yaw checking tests Man-overboard and parallel course manoeuvring Lateral thruster capabilities 3 Stopping and speed control characteristics in deep water