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contingency planning

Contingency Planning

What is Contingency Planning Contingency Planning means preparing a documented plan for emergencies and to ensure all on board are trained and exercised toward its execution. Every seafarer is required to be prepared for emergencies. Such preparedness can only be built in through well laid


Grounding Theory & Numericals

Theory 1. Grounding is similar to dry-docking, but with certain modifications as follows : a.  Ship may have any displacement. b.  Trim may be by the stern or by the head or the ship may be on even keel. c.  The point of contact on

Grounding “Actions to be taken”

Immediate actions: Take the conn. Follow emergency procedure as per company emergency procedure manual, which should include: • Sound general emergency alarm. • Stop Engines. • Announce by PA. • Head count, look for casualty and establish communication. • Close watertight doors. Activate SOPEP and